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We are LAB EX U, the no-code company. So do we really don’t use any code? No. We’ll use a line code here and there, but it is a statement. Developing software is no longer about code, but about getting the goal clear, the process right, the user, and then about the software. We offer artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions that are high end in technology but closer to the user than regular software solution.

By not focussing on the software solution, but on what needs to be automated, we are to help you develop applications and dashboards in no time. Be gone with long IT backlogs; we will be able to build applications quickly.

We’ve Got You Covered

No code

We are the no-code company, that means we will help you develop applications and dashboards in no time. Be gone with long IT backlogs, we will be able to build applications quickly.


Besides developing applications, we build dashboards. We build dashboards that enable you to keep up with the performance of your company or monitor constantly changing metrics and KPI’s, like online traffic.



The first step is to understand the underlying problem, not the solution. From there on we will work together towards a solution that actually solves the problem, is easy to use, maintain and most of all easy to be changed over time.

Key to success

We will enable you to have the key to success. By having multiple options in developing solutions like blockchain and artificial intelligence. We are able to help the best way.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

So no-code, no traditional software development, no user stories, that’s a lot of no’s. What is it that we do?

  1. We will develop software or even better generate AI or BlockChain software. We spend about 80-90% of our time on understanding your goals and processes
  2. Map those processes out in flow-charts via brown paper sessions and have a common understanding of those processes.
  3. Develop understandable and visual requirements in the meanwhile
  4. Generate or build the application and immediately find any inconsistencies in the process or requirements.
  5. Start problem-solving on those issues together with you as a customer
  6. Develop front-end.
  7. Set up dashboards to get an insight into your performance.
  8. Launch the application within 2 to 3 months.
  9. Train and develop your employees even outside IT to maintain the software.
  10. Then active coaching for your engineers to get the most out of your application and organization.

These steps are what we do: tailor-made software to your needs, your process, and make software that supports your strengths and uniqueness as a company. 

Recent Work


  • Administration system for a wholesaler
  • Lesson Learned administration system
  • Project administration system
  • CRM
  • Facilities application
  • Shopfloor data collection
  • Dashboards

Our Partners

NorthChain is the first and only no-code blockchain technology provider in the world. Years and years of accumulated knowledge and development are behind the OLE (Object, Logic, English) language, that enables to develop in an understandable language rather than code. It might seem unbelievable but with OLE we will capture your processes in flowcharts similar to what you know. We simply add OLE to those charts and with the push of a button you will get a blockchain application. Not to forget that it is a private blockchain, 100% safe, not mutable, traceable and transparent.

Knowledge Values delivers Match a powerful platform based on artificial intelligence and is able to translate your organisational knowledge into software. Over 30 years of knowledge make it possible to develop applications that are 100% mathematical correct. Setting the right goals will enable you to visually build with a 7th Generation language, that is easily understandable for humans and applications. With the Match Data Processor we are able to clean and restore your current master data or leave it where it is and only clean it into the right format whenever it is being re-used.

Betty Blocks is the #1 Citizen Development platform for enterprises. With Betty Blocks you align business and IT perfectly, enable the full innovation capacity of your organization, and get rid of shadow IT once and for all. Betty Blocks is namen Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms 2019.

Our Customers

Gasunie is an energy network operator. In the Netherlands and the northern part of Germany, they manage and maintain the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gas. 

Mate is an international wholesaler in flower and plant decorations in all sorts of materials throughout Europe


the no code company