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Not like we are building the next Microsoft or anything, but just like in this clip.

Sometimes we are asked if we are not building the next video2000 system? And then I respond no we’re working with the new internet. Video2000 was technologically superior to VHS, but VHS pushed video2000 out of the market. However, VHS was eaten by the invention of the DVD.

Less then 3 years ago I was given a DVD by the CEO of my former employer as a gift for the birth of my son. He repeatedly asked me if I had watched the movie? And I had to reply I didn’t, not because I didn’t want to, but because I was looking for a device to play the DVD on. The DVD was invented in 1995 and 20 years later the internet made the DVD redundant.

As is in this clip, the internet, case by case might be solving issues that already solved.

Current hashtag#technology of major business applications stem from the early 90ties of even before. So basically your competitors’ businesses run on VHS technology, maybe DVD. We know you are already on internet technology, of course. The hashtag#blockchain, hashtag#AI, hashtag#RPA or hashtag#nocode software development, might solve issues that could be solved differently. But just like the internet did, it will increase the speed of developing solution.

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