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Our Approach to No-Code Application Development

Our first step is to understand the underlying problem. Think of an iceberg where the largest mass is below the surface of the sea.  Whether this is a business problem, a problem of your customer or you just want to innovate a new product or service, we need to understand the underlying issue.

We will help you through this process with our 5 day prototyping service. Within 5 days we will be able to build a prototype of the solution. This way we will have a flying start for building the complete product, service and supporting IT system. 

    Our Awesome Team

    Michael Plein

    Michael Plein

    Founder, platform ninja and dashboard slicer.

    As the no-code architect of the team, I am interested in connecting no-code solutions to our platform. Two important factors play a role in this decision (1) ease-of-use and (2) flexibility in connecting to other products or platforms. Labexu combines a process-driven mentality with a no-code philosophy.
    Maarten Brouwer

    Maarten Brouwer

    Founder, process ninja and dashboard slicer.

    I’m the citizen developer of the team. As a result I’ve been looking for ways to support my teams with fast solutions that support our improvements. Nowadays it so much easier to develop applications and measuring your organizational performance can be done so much faster.

    Your  Name?

    Your Name?

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    Looking for a change or chance to get into no code development. Do you have economics and business or IT background and you want to solve complex issues for our customers?

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